Ing. Claudio Marcello S.r.l.

Over 100 years of hydraulic engineering – Design and consultancy company in the field of large civil works, particularly dams and hydroelectric plants.

Construction /

Rehabilitation dams

The construction of dams is part of the tradition of Ing. Claudio Marcello S.r.l., it is one of the key sectors of the company, starting from feasibility studies to construction project and works supervision.

Hydraulic rehabilitation


Ing. Claudio Marcello S.r.l. performs hydrological and hydraulic studies to evaluate the hydraulic safety and suitability of dams in operation. Over the years new auxiliary outlets have been designed for the discharge of the new floods, and existing ones have been adapted and optimized.



Ing. Claudio Marcello S.r.l. carries out consulting on particular aspects and issues related to dams and hydroelectric plants, whether they are new or already in operation.


power plants

The design of hydroelectric powerplants is one of the main fields of Ing. Claudio Marcello S.r.l. The activity is not limited to the design, but includes the redaction of due diligences, feasibility studies and analysis of alternatives, up to the activity of works direction and acceptance of the plant.

Last projects

The services provided by Ing. Claudio Marcello S.r.l. concern feasibility studies, design, works direction, coordination of safety of large civil works, particularly in the field of dams, hydroelectric plants and hydraulic engineering.