ING. CLAUDIO MARCELLO S.R.L. is a consulting engineering company dealing with the design and direction of hydraulic works, in particular: dams, hydroelectric powerplants, pumping stations, land reclamation, fluvial settlement, ecological and environmental defences, aqueducts, sewage systems and purification plants.

The ING. CLAUDIO MARCELLO S.R.L. company started its activity in 1973, when Eng. Claudio Marcello office became the Company.

More than a century of planning experience is kept in the vast technical archives of ING. CLAUDIO MARCELLO S.R.L., since the Company follows directly Eng. Claudio Marcello Office, which was the direct continuation of Eng. Angelo Omodeo Office. Eng. Angelo Omodeo carried out his work in Italy and abroad from 1900 up to 1937; then Eng. Claudio Marcello kept on his work until his death in 1969; since then Eng. Aldo Marcello, kept on his work until his death in 2010; and today the work of the Company is going on with Eng. Carlo Claudio Marcello, who is the Technical Director.

Eng. Carlo Claudio Marcello

Technical Director



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