Beauregard Dam

About This Project

Preliminary and final design for the rehabilitation works of Beauregard dam in Valgrisenche, AO.

The oroginary structure is of arch-gravity type with a double curvature, 132 m of height, 394 m of crest length.

The downstream left bank, near the dam, is affected by a deep gravitative deformation of the slope. The interventions settled with an “Administrator delegated for urgent interventions regarding Beauregard dam” concern the removal of a risk situation with new water levels of the reservoir.

Studies, analysis and numerical models have defined the efficiency of an altimetric reduction of 52 m of the existent structure. This reduction coincides to 150.000 m3 of concrete volume to be demolished.

The works have covered:

  • from September 2011 to November 2011: construction of a earth cofferdam to protect the construction field from the reservoir;
  • in the 2012 summer season the downstream preparatory works, with the construction of the reinforced concrete structures necessary to allow the access to the dam after the demolition of its upper part;
  • in 2013 and 2014 the demolition through blasting of the first 52 m of dam, consisting of about 150.000 m3 of concrete;
  • in 2015 and 2016 the completion works with the arrangement of the banks and of the demolition material, the environmental restoration and the removal of the cofferdam.

The works were completed in compliance with the contractual times and in 2018 they were tested in accordance with Art. 14 of the Dams Regulation.




Compagnia Valdostana delle Acque S.p.A.




Preliminary, final and detailed design; works management

Dam construction and rehabilitation