Molato Dam

About This Project

Multiple arch dam of 55 m of height, about 300 m of dam crest, 12 hm3 of reservoir, built during the years 1921-1928. Design and works management of works needed for recover the functionality of the dam:

· Consolidation of the dam buttresses (Detailed design 1990 – Works management 1991-1992), renewal of the deep outlets with the substitution of the gates and regulation systems (Detailed design 1993 – Works management 1996-1999).

· New waterproofing screen at the upstream toe of the dam and of a suitable chimmey drain (Detailed design 1994 – Works menagement 1996-1999)

· Realization of concrete structures to increase the weight of the dam, reconstruction and protection of the existing concrete surfaces, rehabilitation and improvement of the surface spillway in the dam structure, stiffening of the connections between the buttresses for the highest seismic events in the abutment-abutment direction, realization of a new chimmey drain, increase of the weight of the left abutment of the dam (Detailed design 2000 – Works menagement 2002-2006).




Consorzio Bacini Tidone Trebbia




Preliminary, final and detailed design; works management

Dam construction and rehabilitation